Parrot Nests

We have heard these parrots while strolling around last week in Atlantida.  They are about the size of a pigeon and they are noisy.  While walking back Joe looked up into the trees and saw these nests. You can just see one of the parrots peeking out of the opening.

This one tree looked like a Parrot Condo with one nest stacked on top of the next. All that’s missing is a little Se Alquiler sign!

Tiny Parrots

While out walking early each morning it is quiet, peaceful and with little activity so you notice the roosters, the dogs and hear the surf even while out on the main road. I also have heard what I thought were little parrots in two trees in the Vista Azul complex. Today I looked a little closer and saw them for the first time in a banana tree.

San Clemente 1.8.2014 001 San Clemente 1.8.2014 002