Shoe Styles Here In Uruguay

The first thing I must tell you is that fashion has taken a back seat for the past 7 years while living in Ecuador.  First we lived the entire time on the coast so flip-flops, shorts, tank tops and super casual was the order of the day. Actually it was very hard to find any type of covered shoe, only open toe or like I said flip-flops. And most shoes for women only went up to size 8 1/2. For a sneaker I need room so I want a 9 1/2 or better yet a 10 for them to be a comfortable walking shoe. With that being said it was kind of culture shock when we arrived in Montevideo.  The women were wearing these long dresses or long skirts everywhere plus these huge platform shoes and sandals with 4 or 5 inch platforms that looked like truck tires.

Also, it is a throwback to the 80’s. Most music that you hear in restaurants and the malls is 80’s USA music.  The Uruguayans seem to love everything 80’s.  I am not sure when this style of shoe was introduced back in the US, but I know I have not seen anything like it in years.

Here are a few pictures of what they are showing here for the fall.  Yes, we are in fall now going into our first winter. Every day an adventure! For me personally, I do not like this style.  But I am sure for the younger gals it would be wonderful.


While here in Montevideo we are attempting to eat at places we have missed for a long time.  Sushi is one of the things we have missed. So from Konichi-Wa to the mall sushi place we have enjoyed some great food.

Today we went to buy fresh fish and the salmon looked too good to pass up so we bought a kilo. On the way walking back I decided to try to make nigiri. I needed wasabi but had everything else.

Here is my first attempt.

It did not last long. Yum!

Cementerio del Buceo

On our walk down to see Greetingman we passed two cemeteries. The first is the British Cemetery and the second larger one is the Buceo Cemetery.  I could not resist so Joe and I took a walk down just a few of the streets and I was amazed at the unbelievable statues, monuments and crypts.

The cemetery dates back to 1835 and has some striking religious and other artwork.

I was pretty perplexed at some of the statues, like the one above.  Who is this of, the deceased? I just did not get many of the statues and then all the busts, I have never seen a bust of the deceased on his grave.  They sure do it different here in Uruguay.

It is a very impressive cemetery, not something I will soon forget.


If you have followed our adventure for the past few months you will already know how the Uruguayans are into their statues and monuments.  This is way cooler than anything we had seen before.

Greetingman stand 6 meters high unveiled back in 2012.  Its main artist is Yoo Young-ho (South Korean sculptor) and there are a series of these statues, this being the first – the second in South Korea and the third in Panama City, Panama.  The statue depicts a man bowing in a typical Asian greeting.  The color blue means lack of prejudice.

The statue overlooks the water in this Buceo neighborhood.  I am bowing in return to show my respect.He is some huge dude.

Parrot Nests

We have heard these parrots while strolling around last week in Atlantida.  They are about the size of a pigeon and they are noisy.  While walking back Joe looked up into the trees and saw these nests. You can just see one of the parrots peeking out of the opening.

This one tree looked like a Parrot Condo with one nest stacked on top of the next. All that’s missing is a little Se Alquiler sign!