This Little Piggy Went to Market

I needed to find some pots for my new acquisition of plants. The store that I found with the least expensive pots is located one block away from the public mercado. Daniel drove me there this morning and we saw these beauties.

I was amazed to find out that these “little piggies” were being sold for $18 apiece. Would make one heck of a BBQ after some fattening up!

They were the pinkest piglets I have ever seen.

The BLT Cookbook

The BLT Cookbook (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What I see is a beautiful thick sliced bacon sandwich on old fashioned rye bread with some fresh tomatoes, lettuce and mayo…Do you see that as well?

The BLT is a variety of sandwich containing Ba...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

12 thoughts on “This Little Piggy Went to Market

  1. Sorry, as a vegetarian, I see no delight in butcheting some poor little for some piggies even for bacon at $18.00. This disgusts me and amh so upset with. Stick with plants, spices and culture…PLEASE!!!!!

    • TJ – I am sorry if my post offended you but the reality of living in Ecuador is to eat meat as well as fruits and vegetables — if that is what you want, we are free to choose. I would never dare to tell you or any other person who is a vegetarian how to live your life, please show me the same respect on what I write about in my own blog. We love fruits and vegetables and I do many posts on these items but I like beef, I like lamb, I like pork, I like goat and all the little birds as well..If you are offended by this post unsubscribe you don’t have to read anything that upsets you. God bless you and I wish you well, Nancy

    • Hey Joe, Happy Birthday again, no I did not buy one, first Joe would have had a fit and where would I keep a piglet! My landlady would probably not appreciate me having a pig on the property either…but they were sure pretty little pink piglets. Nancy

  2. Looks so yummy! I am such a hypocrite, I prefer to think bacon mysteriously appears in a 16oz (actually 12oz these days)package at the grocery store. Steve bought a smoker about a year ago and has smoked lots of delicious ribs. I am sure there is destined to be a piggy in the smoker this summer. He also plans to have to have a custom smoker made when we get to Ecuador. Being newly retired he will surely fire it up often with a variety of meats. All new friends invited!

    • Hey Kathy, my father was from a farming family. Even after he married my mom and moved off the farm we still had one cow or bull each year, a hen house filled with chickens for soup, BBQs and of course the eggs. We had turkeys, a lamb and pigs. Each year he would fatten up at least two pigs and come butchering time he would get his brothers to come down from the farm and we had a butchering party of sorts. My Mom and Grandmother would make sausage, freeze packages of all different cuts of pork and my father would smoke some of it as well. He also kept a wonderful garden on my grandparents farm packed with tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, beans and all sorts of greens so we had the best of everything, not much money but we ate well. Even drank unpasteurized milk and no one got sick. It was the best.

      I hope you enjoy the BBQ ribs and your smoker, I like BBQ especially if Joe is cooking, cause I just get to sit and have a glass of wine and enjoy the meal…Nancy

    • Anna, I don’t think my landlady would appreciate me having a pig on her property. I think I would end up making it a pet and could not have it butchered…Nancy

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  4. Oh Nancy,
    I love you and your blog. I have followed you from your first days is Salinas. I have sent many comments, all positive and thankful for your sharing. But this is a Blog and you have an area for comments, not just positive comments but just comments. Your followers have the opportunity to share with you and other bloggers their own opinions which may not reflect your ideas. I could no more slaughter a pig than my next door neighbor. I realize Ecuador is different than Florida, USA but they also have a rich assortment of fresh produce, which if
    I ever decide to move there, will be a benefit to me and my diet.
    I hope the pigs are spared but, as you say, this is Ecuador. I still need to express my ideas and opinions. Yes, I am a PETA member:\

    I follow many blogs and do not feel the need to detach myself simply because I express my opinion which may be the opposite of the owner of the blog. Let us be able to share our differences. I have learned a great deal from you, perhaps you can appreciate my ideas as well even if you do not concur.
    God bless you as well and I hope all the best for you in Ecuador and I will continue to enjouy your adventure.


    • Hi Tim, We don’t see it all the time here, mostly around holidays or busy weekend… and it is so inexpensive. What they do a lot of is spit roasted chickens, for the past two weeks we have picked up a huge roasting chicken on our way back from Guayaquil, both birds were excellent and we had three meals each from both…and guess what I did nothing except buy it yummy yummy. We have not lived in Florida for 17 years that is a pretty scary thought, we moved to Atlanta area and lived there for 12 years and have been out of the US for over 5 years already. We must be getting pretty old ’cause time is sure flying by. I will tell you the truth I really miss Publix and the specialty stores that sell all those great spices…okay Nancy come off the cloud…have a great day! Nancy

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