High Tides with the SuperMoon (Full Moon at Perigee)

Our tides normally do not bring water all the way up the beach to the malecon.  The full moon this past week has made a real mess of the activities that have gone on on the beach. Those folks lounging on the beach were quite surprised when the waves washed up on them.

It swamped the Penguino Fun Park (lower part of the picture) and did the same to the Club Social Beach Club (upper left hand part of the picture) as well.

In this picture you can see that the street is wet where the surf has come up over the malecon and crossed the street. Walking in this one three block area has been pretty difficult with all the sand, shells and water covering the walkways.

3 thoughts on “High Tides with the SuperMoon (Full Moon at Perigee)

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