Janice and Richard – new arrivals to Salinas

We met some new friends this past week that we corresponded with for several months. They sold their home and “stuff”, packed up some suitcases and moved to Ecuador. They now make Salinas their home. What a fun time we have together. First we met for dinner at Luv N Oven downstairs in our building and had a nice time just getting acquainted. Easy to do with these folks.  We then met yesterday afternoon for almuerzo at D’Hugos in Cevichelandia – my most favorite place for a $2.50 lunch.

They are becoming acquainted with our little town Salinas. On their first trip to Jr. (Mi Commisariato Supermarket) they were in line at the checkout when one of the employees took Richard’s bananas and walked away with them. Janice told me that Richard could not understand what the employee was saying so he paid for the rest of his items and left the store. Some fruit and vegetable items in our little Jr. are already priced. A package of onions that’s wrapped has a price sticker, some items like a bunch of cilantro is not marked but the checkout folks know the prices. Items like melons, avocados, apples needed to be weighed and a price sticker applied. This is done at the tiny deli counter in the back of the store, where the young man was going with Richard’s bananas. . Just some of the little idiosyncrasies that you find here.  Now if you go to the big supermarkets like Hipermart or SuperMaxi everything is done at the register so you have no worries about finding someone to weight and label your items.

Janice and Richard have found a temporary apartment in the San Lorenzo section. They expect to stay there a few months until season is over and more rentals become available. Now they can relax and enjoy the beach.

7 thoughts on “Janice and Richard – new arrivals to Salinas

  1. Hello there – we are coming to the Salinas area for a visit from 16 April for about a week and then going to Olon/Montantita. We’d love to meet with some exPats for lunch/dinner/social when we are there. Please let me know if this would be possible. We are having a look around and looking at houses while we are there. Thanks for any input. We will be staying near the Malecon.

    • Good Morning Leigh,
      The best place to see more than one expat at a time would be Will’s Sports Bar / Aqui Hostel (formally Coco’s II) His place is located right before the malecon starts as you enter Salinas. There are no expat meetings going on here currently so maybe asking around on the forums for folks to meet you on a specific day/evening would bring a bunch of them out to meet. Hope this helps, thanks for reading our blog, Nancy & Joe

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  3. Does anyone know of any schools in the Salinas are or others that would be a possibility to teach English at? My wife and I are interested in earning some part-time income on the side after we purchase our home. We both have TEFL certificates. Any info would be great.

    • Crissy- Good Morning. Sorry I really don’t have any information on teaching English here. Our daughter teaches for the JET program in Japan and has been there for four years. I’m sure you have looked on line but I will ask around and see what I can find out and get back to you. Have a great day, Nancy

  4. Crissy, I’m an Ecuadorean who just found Nancy’s blog. I live in Guayaquil, but visit Salinas often.

    Yes, there are a few schools in Salinas who might be interested in a native English speaking teacher. Jefferson School comes to my mind.

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