Tsunami – No Damage? Think Again!

On Friday the President of Ecuador announced over television and radio that all coastal areas in Ecuador were required to evacuate and move to higher ground. We heeded the warnings, as we lived in South Florida for many years, and saw first hand what happens if you take your chances. We made our way to Guayaquil along with what some have estimated at 250,000 to 300,000 residents of the coastal towns around us. While there, we read from those who stayed that no damage was done and it was just another false alarm.

When we returned to town on Sunday we found our beautiful yacht club in shambles. Take a look at the before and after pictures below:

This picture was taken November 28th.

The above picture I took when we got back in town on Sunday.

These links will take you to CNN reports made by someone living in Salinas. There are several pictures showing a great deal of damage to the yacht club and several boats.



The club is reporting that 12 boats were damaged and another 3 sunk.

The Government has also reported that the large and high waves resulting from the tsunami generated in Japan destroyed hundreds of fishing vessels concentrated in the port of Santa Elena, which is the Santa Rosa section of Salinas.

Heeding the warnings, evacuating to higher ground and being inconvenienced is so much better than losing your life. Look at the poor folks in Japan who were not given the opportunity of a fair warning before the tsunami struck right after the quake. Be safe so that you can enjoy another day in paradise!

Thanks again for following our adventure.

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