Vendor Day at the beach

Yesterday very early a large group of people started setting up tents on the beach. The sign reads: Asociacion de Pequenos Comerciantes de Articulos Varios, Playa Mar y Sol por cumplir 15 anos de Fundacion Sept. 24 – Pregon Sept 27 —Juegos en la Playa —-Sept, 28, Secons Bale — roughly translated the association is celebrating 15 year anniversary with games on the beach and a dance.

They had games including women’s and men’s soccer games, later in the day they even played musical chairs.

They took a pole with what looked like a clothes line on top and attached different items like a package of paper towels, bags of chips and other items – I guess these were for prizes.

It was just fun watching these hard-working folks having a good time enjoying the beach instead of working… this is the low season – things have been really quiet.  There are still a few vendors working the beach each day, a few folks with umbrellas, but nowhere near the amount we saw when we arrived here in early June.

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