La Libertad Mercado

This morning we decided to go to Libertad for fresh fish, fruit and veggies.  It is a $2 taxi ride from our apartment and worth it when you can get so many fresh items. There are two separate municipal buildings – one for fruit, veggies and meat and the second a short block away has fish and shellfish. There are vendors with carts and store fronts all along the streets surrounding this area. And you can get great deals on many items buying them from a vendor on the street.

We start off in the vegetable and fruit market and work our way down the streets towards the fish market.

We took our time and walked the entire market before we picked our produce.

Beside fruits and vegetables you can buy clothing and shoes.  There are also stores that sell rice, corn and beans plus other household supplies like toilet paper, laundry detergent, vegetable oil, cereal. It’s just like a supermarket. I picked up a pound bag of crushed corn that looks like polenta so I am going to try to see if it can compare to that in the supermarket. The cost for the bag was $.25.

I love to see the fresh chickens with their feet and heads still attached – the feet are great in soups.

One entire section is prepared foods. First thing in the morning a big bowl of soup with a plate of rice with fish or chicken must hit the spot.

This is our purchases: starting at the top left –

12 mandarinas $1, one pound of fresh peanut butter no additives $2, bag of raspberries two lbs. $2,  bag of sweet potatoes five lbs. $1,  Corvina (sea bass) two lbs, $6., marlin two lbs, $4,  Strawberries (frutilla) two lbs. $2,  guanabana $1,  ripe avocado .40,  two mamay .60,  fresh cleaned crab meat $3.,  seven apples $1,  20 limes $1.,  six tomatoes, three red onions (I forget to put them in the picture) and six green peppers $1.  Total $26

I also forgot to add these to the picture the cost for five peppers $ .25.

On our next trip to the fish market I will take photos – I was just so busy searching for corvina and crab to think about pictures.

9 thoughts on “La Libertad Mercado

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    • Hey Dennisafahey – thanks we loved to look at pictures of Ecuador before we moved — especially on prices and what was available – Joe and I would sit for hours downloading photos, enlarging them and trying to figure out what was in the shot… Are you an expat or just looking to see where you want to live???

      • Hi, Nancy…my wife, LaVonna, and I are at least three years away from retirement, but are very interested in living in Cuenca thereafter–we’ve been “shopping” for a condo there and reading everything we can find. As you said, pictures are particularly interesting; next best thing to being there. Unfortunately, we probably won’t get to make our first visit until next summer. 8-(

        I’ve subscribed to your blog and look forward to more great stuff!



        • Hey Dennis – thanks for subscribing to my blog. We have made several friends from Cuenca and I’m sure you will just love it there. Have you been reading Chuck and Nancy Watson’s blog – they live in Cuenca and have just recently visited here in Salinas – they take a lot of pictures and that helped us in understanding a bit of the culture before our move…

    • Hi Adelina, We lived in Salinas for over a year but never lived in LaLibertad, that is where we would go shopping and to the large Mercado but I am really not very familiar with the town itself. Sorry I can’t be more helpful. Nancy

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