Beach Cleanup

Every morning, seven days a week before 7am all the beach vendors don their cleaning smocks and walk the beach carrying garbage bags. They pick up every scrap of trash that may have remained from the day before or been dropped on the beach after they had left for the day.  In all my life I have never seen such attention to detail like these folks have as they walk the beach every day.  This is their beach and they take their job very seriously. I wish that more places made the effort like these humble folks do to make it a better place for us to live or visit. This is just a small part of their jobs these people are the vendors that set up the umbrellas and chairs, sell the coco water, ice cream, candy apples, empanadas, “BIG BEERS”, sodas, and everything else that is found on the beach. Their jobs are 7 days a week from before 7am to after the sun is going done and all the visitors have left the beach and into the evening for those selling jewelry etc.

We have heard others talk about the lack of work ethic of the locals – in our travels through Central and South American we have found just the opposite – most folks truly care about their jobs and towns. They work long hard hours to support their families.  It is an honor being called “Amiga” by any of the locals and I must tell you that I chuckle when one calls me Niña.

My hat is off to these hard-working conscientious folks…

Salinas beach cleanup

Salinas beach cleanup

7 thoughts on “Beach Cleanup

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  2. This is very remarkable. When I lived in Hawaii it was not uncommon that the dirtiest beaches were the ones that people actually lived at. It feels good that the people of Salinas care about their work place and their community.

  3. Wow – I’m blown away by this. Big companies have to get volunteers to do this in Texas (for publicity mostly). Cannot wait to visit in just over three weeks time. Would love to meet up with you!

    • What they are cleaning up is yesterdays beach goers trash. And because this is a tourist destination for the folks from Guayaquil they keep the beach pretty clean, along with sweeping the malecon each day, cleaning out the trash barrels several times a day and also hand sweeping the streets. They now have workers patching and repainting all the concrete seating areas up and down the malecon.

    • Tim- Good Day – actually the only thing that I saw was shells and sand on the walkways and across the street. Nothing else not even any seaweed. The cleaning folks had little to do as the tides must have taken all the garbage out to sea.

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