Hammocks: Are they a necessity?

While living in Panama we could not have made it without our hammocks – but vowed to get open weaved rope hammocks the next time.  While Joe and I were sitting on the balcony one day last week, Joe spotted the hammocks that we wanted walking down the beach.  I mean that literally one man in front carrying the front and a man in back with the hammock swinging freely between them.  I got my cash, put on my shoes and started down the elevator. By the time I made it across the street and onto the beach they had a pretty good head start on me. but don’t worry I had shopping on my mind and nothing could or would stop me… It’s like being possessed!  I walked behind them for most of the beach and finally caught up with them — these things cause a stir on the beach and as I questioned the older gentlemen about the cost, material etc. a crowd of mostly vendors gathered around, one spoke a bit of English and started to translate for me.  Well I purchased both my new hammocks for $60 and the guys walked me back to my apartment (as women here do not do manual labor) I took advantage and felt like a queen. I was given the man’s card, he thanked me and proceeded on his way.

Here are our latest acquisitions:

Hammock Heaven

Hammock Heaven

We had our concierge, Edwardo put them up on Friday with huge rings so that Joe and I can take them up and down easily.  After food shopping and doing some food preparation this morning I decided to test mine out, well the afternoon slipped away as I slept peacefully.  Now the question is will I sleep tonight?

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