Sweet Potatoes — are you sure?

Joe and I went to La Libertad Mercado (vegetable & fruit market) earlier this week.  I needed to restock my vegetables.  We looked around the entire place before we settled on the few vendors that we would make our purchases from.  One stall is just fresh herbs, chamomile, lemon grass, oregano, mint and bunches of other fresh items I have never seen before along with baggies of dried items like cinnamon bark, seeds of all different types. They sell fresh ground mani (peanut) we bought two small bags a bit under 250 grams for .50 cents a bag and I think he saw ME coming.  It’s real peanuts with nothing added we will see how it works on toast.  I had been getting my garlic from the supermarket already cleaned but the cloves get rubbery and are hard to push through a garlic press so I found fresh heads, more work but worth it to me.  Picked up a few pound of tomatoes, 50 limes for a dollar, a small papaya, two pounds of onions, three large apples, four peaches, a pound of beef looks like flank or skirt steak for $2 and three potatoes that were described as dulce (sweet potatoes).  Well I had found sweet type potatoes in Panama and these looked pretty similar so I added those to my purchases.  Below is the picture:

Ecuadorian Sweet Potatoes

Ecuadorian Sweet Potatoes

I had never before seen such color – I took half of one and boiled it for a few minutes. The taste is excellent – sweet, same consistency as sweet potatoes maybe less starchy, but the color after you boil is a very dark color and the water turns gray-green, the inside of the potato stays purple.  Not to sure how this is going to look in my sweet potato souffle but if Joe is game, I will try it. I would buy them again.

Cooked Sweet Potatoes

Cooked Sweet Potatoes

Just another discovery here in Ecuador.

7 thoughts on “Sweet Potatoes — are you sure?

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  2. Sorry for the confusion, this is Robyn’s son Joe. Mom had forwarded me a few of your earlier blogs and I decided to make an account to keep up with all your exploits. 🙂

  3. Wow, how funny that I stumbled on this blog right now. I just moved to Quito and just the other night I decided to try the “sweet potatoes” that we supposedly bought at the store and I was suspicious of, because they were, well…purple. I thought they might be rotten because they had green-blue lines inside after cooking them in the microwave, but I ate it anyway. I thought it tasted like a chestnut. Not bad, but i miss the orange ones.

    • Chrisf -I too miss the big orange ones – I went back to the La Libertad Mercado yesterday and found only one stall that sold them. I have a feeling when Thanksgiving rolls around they will not be in season, have you seen canned in any of the stores in Quito.

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