Suitcases arrived today!

Our driver from Puerto Lopez arrived early this morning , July 8 with our four suitcases.  We had left them with our friends the Creasey’s in Las Tunas.  The bags were in good shape but Hector was frantically trying to explain something about the la policía y maletas as we stood in front of our building.  I had him unload the car and after we had set the cases up in one of the bedrooms he attempted again to explain about policia and Santa Elaina, La Libriatad but I was getting more confused.  I called a few people who could help with translating and found out that he was stopped by a policeman  in La Libratad which is Santa Elaina province. The officer questioned him about the 4 large overstuffed suitcases with Levin written all over them and of course, that did not match his driver’s license or ID so a fine was requested for $10.  This is the first time since we have lived outside the US that we have been fined for anything.  We have read that this is a common practice and is part of the culture and “living in Central and South America”.

We paid Hector his fee plus the fine, gave him a glass of maracuja (passion fruit)  juice and sent him on his way. He was happy and we were happy!

The fun part was opening those suitcases and seeing our clothes, kitchen items, books, pictures and especially my cookbooks that we had packed back in March.  Now to find a place for everything.

Last night as we sat drinking chamomile tea on the patio, we played a game of Rummy-O, a treasure from our suitcases, and listened to the sound of the surf.  What could be better?

2 thoughts on “Suitcases arrived today!

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    • To say that I am a novice at blogging would be an understatement – sorry I just discovered your comments while looking for something else on dashboard. I love the idea of your blog – a blog of blogs. And how many Nancy’s are moving to Ecuador – just in my quick look at your site it looks like we are going to take over! ha ha

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